Geri Miller


Conference: Digital Transformation: Modern GIS and what is important for today’s workforce skills

Keynote lecture overview: Many of us in the field(s) of geospatial information technology tend to see the world as one of discrete objects: points, lines, and polygons representing things like buildings, water bodies, and land parcels. Some of us, however, tend to see that world instead as one of sampled continua: pixels representing things like distance, direction, and density. A few of us are even comfortable in integrating these two perspectives. While that integration is quite straightforward in terms of mechanical processing, it can still be challenging in terms of underlying concepts and implications. This presentation explores those concepts and implications in hopes of meeting this challenge within the context of spatial intelligence.

Geri Miller is Director of Education in Esri’s Global Business Development division. Her main role is to support academic institutions stay on cutting edge of geospatial technology. .Prior to that, she was an Instructor and Technical Lead at Esri, specializing in online and onsite delivery of various geospatial technology courses. Ms. Miller is also an Associate Program Director for the Johns Hopkins University Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems program and has been a lecturer in the program since its inception . She has developed and taught a range of the GIS curriculum, including Web GIS, Spatial Analytics, Programming in GIS courses. Ms. Miller has worked extensively with many universities to support and enhance the geospatial footprint on campus, in the capacities of advisor, lecturer, and curriculum developer.