Sirisha Karamchedu


Conference: Advancing and strengthening geospatial literacy through Learn ArcGIS

Keynote lecture overview: Abstract: Learn ArcGIS connects users with applying ArcGIS to real-world scenarios and cover a range of topics suitable for beginners to advanced users. The lessons cover emerging technical and scientific areas of GIS, including breakthrough content in the areas of data science, artificial intelligence, data management, 3D, spatial analysis and visualization and machine learning. Educators can provide with interesting labs for hands-on learning that complements conceptual lectures. Users that are new to ArcGIS can consume the exercises to better understand how to apply ArcGIS to a wide range of spatiotemporal issues and nurture their love and appreciation of geography, maps, and exploration. GIS users who want to grow personally and professionally can use the self-guided lessons and stay current with the technology and innovations. Learn lessons are engaging and thought -provoking and help improve students’ critical thinking skills in key subject matter areas.

Bio: Sirisha Karamchedu has been with Esri since 2007. With backgrounds and degrees in operations, project management, computer science, strategic leadership, business management, GIS, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, computer science and engineering, technical/documentation writing, and educational methods and technologies, Sirisha is currently working as an Operations Manager with the Learn ArcGIS team. Sirisha leads and manages operations to align with the strategic objectives for the Learn ArcGIS team in addition to building and maintaining program initiatives that support the Learn and Teach Education programs at Esri.